Marvelous Local Living Circuit 15 Days: Peru & Machu Picchu

Our experiences are designed to be the most unforgettable. Your arrival in Peru will be wonderful, this tour will take you to live new experiences in different destinations, you will share customs and traditions in the town of Willoq, it is an indigenous community of the Ande, located in the valley of the Patacancha river, belonging to the district of Ollantaytambo, Urubamba province, in Cusco.

It is rich in flora and fauna, being able to find 60 species of birds and more than 700 species of plants. In Willoq there is still a direct descent from the last Incas that can be corroborated by the current surnames of the local people, such as Yupanqui, Sinchi, Pukha, Huamán, Cusipáucar, Tupha, among others.

This does not end there! Because we are going to go to the floating islands of the Uros, the islands in Lake Titicaca are made of layers of dry reed that intertwine so that they can really float. An island can last up to 30 years if it is kept in the right conditions. When the bottom bars rot in the water, new layers of cane are added. The island rebuilding process requires constant maintenance and is one of the many daily tasks of the Uros, the locals will give us an exceptional experience.


  • DAY 01: LIMA

Transfer in Lima

  • DAY 02: LIMA

Show dinner

  • DAY 03: LIMA    

Day off.


Ballestas Islands Excursion

  • DAY 05: NAZCA

Overflight in the majestic Nazca Lines.


City tour Arequipa.


Transfer to Chivay.


Colca Canyon Tour - Cruz del Condor

  • DAY 09: FIST      

Excursion to the Folletos Islands of the Uros.

Overnight at Uros Lodge.


Transfer out Puno and Transfer in Cusco.

  • DAY 11: CUSCO

City tour Cusco + 4 nearby archaeological parks.

  • DAY 12: CUSCO

Visit to Willoq Andean town.

  • DAY 13: CUSCO

Visit to the citadel of Machupicchu

  • DAY 14: CUSCO

Free day in the city of Cusco.

  • DAY 15: CUSCO

Transfer out Cusco.

Transfer to the airport.

Observations for the trip:

  • The Itinerary can change according to the availability, the climate and the state of health of the hikers.
  • The train schedule may change according to the availability of the train company.


Day 1: Lima

Accommodation: Hotel in Lima.

Places: Lima

Highest Elevation: 161 masl / 528 feet ASL

Welcome to Peru! You will arrive at our capital, which is located on the coast of Peru, so you can feast your eyes on the beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. We will receive you at the airport, delighted to have you on Peruvian soil and then we will transfer you to your hotel, where you will receive a well-deserved rest.

Day 2: Lima - Colorfull night

Accommodation: Hotel in Lima.

Places: Lima

Highest Elevation: 161 masl / 528 feet ASL

We start our day with a delicious breakfast. And we will have the morning available to carry out activities of our preference. You can take any of our optional tours additionally if you wish, consult your agent.

In the evening, we will have a dinner specially prepared for us since it is one of the many experiences that we have prepared for you, we will pick you up from the hotel and take you to the thematic restaurant La Dama Juana. There we will appreciate Peruvian folklore music and typical live dances. We will taste several typical Peruvian dishes in a complete buffet dinner. Enjoy the show and also the delicious dinner.

After enjoying this picturesque dinner, we will return to the hotel to take a refreshing rest.

Day 3: Lima Free Day

Accommodation: Hotel in Lima.

Places: Lime

Highest Elevation: 161 masl / 528 feet ASL

After enjoying this beautiful dinner, we will assist you and return to the hotel, where you must rest, since the next day we will leave very early in the morning.

Day 4: Lima -Paracas Full day - Ica

Accommodation: Hotel in Nazca.

Places: Paracas, Ica.

Highest Elevation (Ica):  406 masl / 1,332.02 feet ASL

At 2:50 am we will pick you up from the hotel to take the bus from Lima to Paracas. Our bus will leave at 4:00 am and after 3 hours we will arrive in Paracas.

8:00 am pick up from Paracas and start of the Ballestas Islands Tour. From the Paracas spa, you can visit the Ballestas islands by boat, habitat of sea lions, guano birds, penguins and a diversity of marine fauna. On the way you can see a figure El Candelabro, engraved on the side of a hill, is a geoglyph with a rock formation eroded by the wind and the sea. It is more than 120 meters long and is also called Tres Cruces or Tridente. The best way to appreciate it is from the sea.

At noon we will take a bus from Paracas to Ica for around 3 hours. Upon arrival in Ica we will continue the excursion of Tubular rides are a fantastic adventure in the middle of the desert where you can enjoy the high and low dunes and you can feel the adrenaline on these desert roller coasters.

In the high parts of the desert you can practice sandboarding, our official driver will instruct you so that you can safely drop it if you do not have experience in this sport.

At 06:00 pm we will take the bus to Ica where we will spend the night there and take the overflight of the Nazca lines the next day.

Day 5: Nazca Overflight - Arequipa


Accommodation: Hotel in Arequipa.

Places:Ica, Nazca, Nazca aerodrome, from Arequipa.

Highest elevation (Arequipa) : 2,335 meters ASL / 7,660 feet ASL

Breakfast at the hotel.

At a coordinated time, you will be picked up from the hotel to be transferred to the Nazca aerodrome and you can fly over the Nazca lines,These geoglyphs, made with a single line, and some with a dimension of up to 300 m, are still waiting for us to discover their messages. Meanwhile, the Nazca lines have been declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The approximate duration is from 30 to 35 minutes, and is subject to the authorization of the control tower to the weight and balance of the plane and to the weather conditions. This flight does not include the airport tax and if the conditions are not given it may be rescheduled or changed for another excursion.

At 14:30 pm we will take the bus to transfer to the city of Arequipa. At our approximate arrival at 23:30 pm, we will meet you at the bus station and transfer you to your hotel so you can rest.

Day 6: Arequipa: City Tour

Places: surrounding Arequipa

The Highest Elevation: 2,335 masl / 7,661 feet ASL

You will wake up in the wonderful city of Arequipa. After breakfast you can enjoy the morning to do activities of your choice. In the afternoon we will pick you up to visit the historic center of the city, which includes a visit to the Plaza de Armas, the Selva Alegre district, the Yanahuara viewpoint and other nearby attractions.

At the end of the tour, we will return to the hotel, overnight accommodation in Arequipa.

Day 7: Arequipa - Colca Canyon First Day

The highest elevation (Puno): 4,500 masl / 14,763.78 feet ASL

Depth: 4,600 meters

Foods: Breakfast lunch.

Accommodation: Hotel in Chivay.

Between the 7:45 - 08:15 am after breakfast and at the coordinated time, we will pick you up from the hotel to leave for Chivay at 09:00 am We will begin our journey on the road to Yura, where we will admire the natural and cultural landscape of that area, Then we will border the Chachani volcano and pass through the Salinas and Aguada Blanca National Reserve until we reach Pampa Cañahuas, in this place the guide will explain about the flora and fauna of the area, here we will appreciate the natural habitat of the most famous South American camelid LA VICUÑA. Continuing with the tour on the way, a small stop will be made in Patahuasi (house on top) to take the coca tea. Immediately we will continue the trip to the bofedales where we will observe different species of birds both local and migratory to the area according to season, then we will continue to Patapampa, highest point of the trip located at 4800 masl approx. Also known as the Mirador de los Andes, here you can see different volcanoes such as Misti, HualcaHualca, Sabancaya, Ampato, Ubinas and Chachani.

We will arrive in Chivay at lunchtime, so we will go to the restaurant of your choice. And at 16:00 approx. We will enjoy a refreshing bath in the "La Calera" hot springs and at the same time we can visit the Collahuas and Cabanas museum. After enjoying a beautiful afternoon we will return to Chivay at 19:00 pm. And upon arrival in Chivay we will drive you to dinner at the Rest. Chosen with Folkloric Show with typical dances of the area. When dinner is over we will take you to your hotel.

Day 8: Colca Canyon Second Day - Condor Cross - Puno

The highest elevation (Puno): 4,500 masl / 14,763.78 feet ASL

Depth: 4,600 meters

Foods: Breakfast lunch.

Accommodation: Hotel in Puno

After having breakfast we will leave towards the Mirador de la Cruz del Cóndor at approximately 6:00 am where you can see the majestic flight of the condors and the depth of the canyon, it is said that if you can photograph a Condor in its flight, You will have a good year, it is a local belief; but it will definitely be a wonderful photograph that you will want to share with your friends. On the way we will make a stop in the town of YANQUE to observe its colonial church, Wititi dances as well as the typical costume of the area. On the way back to Chivay we will visit the towns of PINCHOLLO, MACA, ACHOMA, in which the guide will explain their different customs in the area as well as the Lito models, colonial churches and terraces.

We will arrive at approximately 11:30 am and have lunch at noon. After a short break we will resume our trip at 01:30 pm approx. Boarding the bus to Puno. The bus makes stops en route and we can appreciate a little more of the fauna and flora on the way to Lake Titicaca.

We will be assisted and transferred to the hotel upon arrival in Puno.

Day 9: Puno - Titicaca Lake - Sleep Uros Lodge

Feeding: Breakfast in a hotel in Puno, lunch and dinner in the Uros.

Accommodation: Lodge in the Uros.

Our experience begins with the transfer from your hotel to the populated center of Uros-Chulluni where we will embark to the floating islands of the uros received by a local family, they take us to their rural family accommodation in their traditional boats 15 minutes away from the indicated port, then we will be accommodated in the rooms duly equipped for experiential tourism. The rooms are built like the reed-based island with a view of the lake, a firm wooden artisan floor and decorated and implemented with fabrics and handicrafts, to sleep in Uros with comfortable mattresses on cushions decorated with textiles.Once installed we will taste a delicious lunch offered by the family, then we will be able to appreciate its different activities in the Uros, such as artisanal fishing, Corte de la Totora, its Clothing with typical native costumes, kayaking in Totora boats and visits to the communities Nearby, guests can also learn traditional techniques of crafts and weaving. In the afternoon we will have dinner offered by the locals of the accommodation, we will spend the night and the next day we will be able to taste the exquisite breakfast. In the morning we will leave the rooms to return to the city of Puno.

Our rural native accommodation to sleep in Uros has a 24-hour reception, restaurant, garden, bar, tour desk, luggage storage and craft show

Day 10: Uros Lodge - Puno - Cusco

Feeding: Breakfast

Accommodation: Hotel in Cusco.

In the morning we will enjoy a delicious breakfast at the Lodge in Uros. Then at the coordinated time we will board the boat that will take us back to the city of Puno. Upon arrival in the city we will receive assistance and we will be transferred to the bus station, we will take a unitheading to the city of Cusco.

Accommodation night in Cusco

Day 11: Cusco: City Tour - 4 Nearby Ruins

Feeding: Breakfast.

Accommodation: Hotel in Cusco.

Places: Cusco, Plaza de Armas, Qoricancha, Sacsayhuaman, Qenqo, Puca Pucara, Tambomachay.

The Highest Elevation (Sacsayhuaman) : 3,700 masl / 12,139 feet ASL

During the morning you can take a light walk through the streets and avenues of the city on your own, to acclimatize, take some photos or shop. Please note that we will have an afternoon tour so you should have lunch at noon and buy water to hydrate yourself.

Traditional city tour in Cusco

01:00 pm pick up from the hotel, at 13:30 pm start of our tour of the city, where our professional guide will provide us with detailed information of all the tourist attractions we will visit, will be attentive to any questions and / or needs that each our visitors require.

The places we have to visit are. The main temple of the Sun also known as the "Qoricancha", "Sacsayhuaman" known as the head of the Puma in reference to the fact that the City of Cusco had the shape of a Puma in Inca times and the head of this cougar was exactly Sacsayhuaman, immediately We visit Qenqo, temple in honor of the mother earth or Pachamama, we continue through Pucapucara or entrance control center to the Sacred city of Cusco, later we visit Tambomachay Inca resting place and at the same time temple to the natural element of Water.

Day 12: Cusco - Willoq - Aguas Calientes

Feeding: Breakfast lunch.

Accommodation: Hotel in Aguas Calientes.

Places: Cusco, Willoq, Ollantaytambo.

Willoq's elevation: 3,754 masl / 12,316 feet ASL

The tour begins at 06:00 in Cusco and ends at 7:00 p.m. (full day)

We will pick you up at your hotel in Cusco at 6:00 am in the direction of Ollantaytambo (living Inca city), there we will make a brief stop to visit the city, then we will go to the native community of Willoq located 14 km from Ollantaytambo. Willoq, is an indigenous community of the Ande, located in the valley of the Patacancha river, belonging to the Ollantaytambo district, Urubamba province, in Cusco.

It is rich in flora and fauna, being able to find 60 species of birds and more than 700 species of plants. In Willoq there is still a direct descent from the last Incas, which can be corroborated by the current surnames of the local people, such as Yupanqui,Sinchi, Pukha, Huamán, Cusipáucar, Tupha, among others. once in Willoq our local friends will welcome us with a welcome drink (mate de coca or muña) and their folk dance, they will immediately show us and share their customs and traditions and daily activities (Meet, interact, share the customs and traditions Incas of this Community, plant, sew, cook and have fun with their typical dances) the approximate duration of the activity is about 3 to 4 hours, then we will have a typical lunch of the place and after a break and some coexistence. We will go to the Ollantaytambo Train Station. Where we will board the train heading to the town of Machupicchu called "Aguas Calientes"

Day 13: Aguas Calientes - Machu Picchu - Cusco

Feeding: Breakfast lunch.

Accommodation: Hotel in Cusco.

Places: Cusco, Ollantaytambo, Machupicchu.

Machupicchu elevation: 2430 masl / 7972 ft ASL

At a coordinated time, we will transfer to the bus station, to board the bus from Machu Picchu town to Machu Picchu the Inca City. The Lost City of the Incas, Machu Picchu, will welcome us with its incredible terraces, stairways, ceremonial venues and urban areas. The energy emanating from all over the place. We will have a visit in the city with a professional bilingual guide, after 02 hours, we will be able to visit the Inca city on our own.

At the appropriate time we will return to the town of Aguas Calientes to enjoy a delicious buffet lunch.

Then we will transfer to the train station to return to Ollantaytambo and then to Cusco.

Day 14: Cusco - Free Day

This day you can take it for yourself. You will have the day off to do the activities that you like the most, enjoy the nightlife of the city if you wish or you can take an additional tour to acclimatize or visit some attraction of your choice. You can go out on the streets of the city or rest in the hotel if you wish, since this will be the last night in Cusco.

You will enjoy a delicious breakfast at the hotel. We will come to pick you up at the time you indicate so that we can take you to the airport so that you can take your flight to the city of Lima. When you arrive at the airport of the capital city, Lima. You will wait for an international flight that will take you back home.

We hope you have had new experiences in this fascinating tour of Peru and its beauties, we hope to see you very soon and be part of a new adventure.



  • Transfer of entry and exit at each destination.
  • 03 nights accommodation in Lima with breakfast
  • Buffet dinner and artistic show at Dama Juana Restaurant


  • 01 night accommodation in Nazca with breakfast
  • Ballestas Islands
  • City tour Ica
  • Flight over the Nazca lines without taxes


  • 02 nights accommodation in Arequipa with breakfast
  • City tour in Arequipa with viewpoints
  • 01 night accommodation in Colca with breakfast
  • Colca Canyon Excursion with Lunch and Dinner in Chivay the first day and only lunch the second day.


  • 01 night accommodation in Puno with breakfast
  • Sleep in Uros and experiential activities. + Typical food
  • Bus Puno Cusco or Train Puno Cusco, depending on the hotel category and train availability-


  • 04 nights accommodation in Cusco with breakfast
  • 01 night accommodation in Aguas Calientes
  • City Tour + 4 nearby ruins, Qenqo, Puca Pucara, Sacsayhuaman and Tambomachay
  • Full Day Willoq + Typical lunch.
  • Full Day Machu Picchu + Buffet Lunch
  • Consetur bus up and down.
  • Ollantaytambo train - Aguas Calientes - Ollantaytambo (Expedition Train + Lunch at El Mapy restaurant, is for category 2 and 3 stars and Vistadome + Lunch at Tinkuy restaurant (Sanctuary Lodge) for category 4 and 5 stars)
  • For 2 and 3 star hotels, the tourist bus with stops and income will be used on the Puno-Cusco route.
  • For 4 and 5 star hotels, the Perurail Titicaca Train will be used on the Puno-Cusco route, with departures only Monday, Thursday and Saturday. The other days it will be on a tourist bus and will have a discount of US $ 200 per person.
  • Food not mentioned in the package.
  • Local and international flights.
  • Original passport
  • International Student Identity Card (ISIC) if you have a student discount
  • Sleeping bag (can be rented as well)
  • Walking boots/shoes
  • Waterproof jacket/rain poncho
  • Warm jacket, hat and gloves
  • T-shirts
  • Comfortable trousers
  • Sun hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun protection cream (factor 35 recommended)
  • Re-usable plastic or metal water container or camel bags
  • Water, money to buy water along the way or water purification tablets
  • Insect repellent
  • Toiletries
  • Personal medication
  • Camera
  • Torch with batteries


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5 Days & 4 Night

Departures Dates:

Every day (Please check availability in our groups)


Visit Pisac and Ollantaytambo, trek the Lares route, visit Machu Picchu

Type of Tour:

Archaeological Cultural Landscape Ecological

Meals provided:

Vegetarian option at no extra cost. Check our regular menú


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