Attractions along the Lares Trek

The hike along the Lares Trek is beautiful with its surroundings of mountain ranges and snowcapped mountains and gives an insight of the native Peruvian mountain people with their their traditional style of life, working with their traditional tools, harvesting crops and shepherding their domestic animals. The route is passing different native villages, lagoons and the popular hot springs of Lares.

Lares Trek Attractions
Lares Trek - Hot Springs

The hot thermal baths of Lares: the hot springs of Lares are natural from the nature and are used for medicinal healing. The pools have the shape of volcanoes.

Wakawasi: a small village where the native Peruvians strained from the Incas are living, and working together in a collective every day in traditional Peruvian clothes, shepherding domestic animals like sheeps, llamas and alpacas and working in the fields with a traditional tool (Chaquitaclla), used to move the ground.

Auroroycocha: a lagoon high up in the Andes, surrounded by amazing landscape in a mystical enviorment.

Queuña: typical bushes from the area of Lares – has a form like a miniature tree.

Mantanay: small village with native Peruvians working in traditional closet on the fields of the mountain with their domestic animals, the llamas and sheeps. The Inhabitants are known for their skills of weaving.

Yanahuara: a small village of native Peruvians living and working in the mountains. Every week they catch the fish of “criadero de trucha”, in a lake nearby.

Information that may interest you

  • What is Lares Trek?

    The Lares Trek is one of the main alternative treks to Inca Trail to reach Machu Picchu.

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  • How difficult is the Lares Trek?

    The Lares Trek is considered a moderate hike. It's not a technical hike but the altitude may affect some individuals

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  • Is purified water available on the trek?

    We recommend that you bring a refillable water bottle as boiled water will be provided in the morning at breakfast, at lunch and every evening after dinner.

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