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According to the pantheon of macroeconomics Klaus weiss peterson (Claus Vistesen), which suggests that the management committee "is still not willing to" the strong growth prospects into the core of higher inflation forecasts. Followed by Edwards and bear published in his 1961 book "the theory of corporate earnings and measurement of the current operating profit is defined as the sales revenue more than the amount of current production and cost of sales, which can realize the cost savings is in this issue of asset price increases, which can realize the history of the cost savings are the pin commodity costs and the difference between the current purchase price; The realized capital gains are the amount of sales revenue greater than the historical cost when dealing with long-term assets. They argue that "these incremental sums provide investors with a reasonable starting point for measuring the scale of relative affluence and a detailed analysis of the company's operating results and comparable financial conditions". They stress that any full income analysis should take into account both realized and unrealized benefits and classify them by source. When are advantageous to occur, such as no record, will not only lead to current income can't reflect, but also can lead to later to sell assets to income and related costs to wrong ratio; Operating earnings and, on the other hand, the production gains is usually produced by different management decisions, and adopted different circulation form, therefore, make the same comment on both, will weaken the role of the income statement. Mr Trump's deceptive tweets about us companies, pushing for offshore production or tax reversals, are only cheap talks, and business leaders know. The manufacturers fooled Mr Trump into thinking they would continue to quietly move their operations to Mexico, China and elsewhere in the us. And the upcoming international terms of tax legislation will make American multinationals have greater incentive to investment, employment and production abroad, at the same time the use of transfer pricing and other solutions in the lower stripping profits tax area. First of all, the earnings of the fund in 2017 are in an uncertain environment. The first half of the market is in a period of "cash shortage". Towards the end of the year, the central bank started to fight for the "money shortage", so monetary policy eased and interbank money market rates fell. As a result, yu 'ebao's yields suddenly fell below the 4 per cent mark.